Jamie Gibbs

Jamie has a passion of health on all levels – Mind, Body, Spirit. She feels self-love is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and the world. Throughout her own journey she discovered that the support and encouragement from her teachers and mentors helped her find self-love, giving her freedom from self-doubt and fear. It is this discovery of “wholeness” that inspired her to share it with others and was the inspiration for, s.e.l.f.
s.e.l.f (support. encouragement. love. freedom)

As a Certified Personal Trainer, creator and facilitator of support classes for women and children, she has much to offer on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Jamie has spent many years helping and supporting others in roles such as home care, obstetrics, and childcare. In addition to being a busy wife and chasing after 6 children, she’s always seeking more knowledge that she shares with those who attend her classes or work with her individually. It is her passion to help others find their way and this is what she has devoted her work to.

Jamie is excited to offer personal training and is currently offering one on one training, individualized workout programs and is building fitness classes. All of her programs are developed with the awareness that how we feel on the outside comes from the inside. Other classes offered include; Intuitive Development, Energy Balancing/ s.e.l.f for kids, Women’s Circles, personal guidance, motivation and life organization. Jamie’s programs are designed to support and guide individuals through their feelings and struggles, while being encouraged and supported to be who they are on the inside.

Jamie loves being with family and friends, supporting and watching her kids thrive in all aspects of life, and being outdoors experiencing all that nature has to offer. Exercising and pushing her own strength and abilities provide the necessary balance for her busy lifestyle.

s.e.l.f Services

s.e.l.f 4 kids:

This series of classes will encourage children to be themselves, with confidence. At this age life can be confusing and at times uncomfortable. While providing tools through journaling, meditation, music, group activities and/or vision boards, it is the intention of this course to support them in dealing with these struggles, encourage positive thinking, expressing their thoughts and feelings, leading to embracing their self-love and acceptance. Some topics covered are: self-esteem, bullying, standing up for what is right for you, self-love and acceptance.

Classes are usually held in the summer twice a week for 3-4 weeks. Classes can be held upon request.

I AM workshop

I AM – two of the most powerful words – because what you put after them shapes your reality. Each one of us has a light inside, but no one’s light is the same. YOU ARE… so many things. Perhaps you are compassionate, shy, beautiful, loud, insecure, brave, lonely, or caring! I AM is a workshop offering ways to recognize who you are and how to feel good about being you. Through yoga, meditation, and group activities we offer the space to discover that light, to let it shine, to feel your feelings, to learn to enjoy every day being you. I AM is about honoring you…just the way you are.

This is a collaborative workshop between Wisconsin River Holistic Professionals and Prairie Fire Yoga held several times throughout the year. Workshops can be held upon request.

Self-Empowerment Camp

This 4 day camp is designed to build our children up with confidence, self-love, fun and new friendships. Through a variety of self-expression activities we will help children to embrace who they are regardless of the pressures of others. We will guide them through fast moving fun activities while exploring their inner thoughts, feeling and ideas as well as quieting the mind with meditation and yoga.

Camp is held during the summer for boys and girls ranging for 3rd-8th grades. This is a collaborative camp offered by s.e.l.f and Prairie Fire Yoga.

The power of intuition is something that each of us owns and this class is about recognizing and developing your intuitive self. In this crazy and hectic world we are taught to ignore our intuition, our timing and ourselves. We’re taught to believe society’s expectations which ultimately shut us down. Awakening our authentic self, means “merely surviving” is no longer acceptable. By developing your intuition you can be ready to face WHO and WHAT you truly are and then experience your life YOUR way! True and lasting changes require that we are conscious and challenged intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. This class offers you the tools to integrate all of these components and it’s often referred to as “life-changing”.

This class is a commitment of approximately 40 weeks.

Balance of mind body and spirit is the key to health on all levels. Personal training is offered in many different ways to meet the needs of everyone.

Personal Training is offered through:

  • One on one training
  • Partner training
  • Group training/classes
  • Individual workout plans
  • Beginner through advanced
  • Gym setting
  • Non gym settings

Whatever your personal preference and goals are I would love to motivate, support and train you towards them.

A safe and trusted environment to release what is weighing you down and revive your spirit. If you are feeling the need to be heard, understood and feel supported this, is for you. We will offer all of that along with tools and lessons that will help you in your day to day life. Circles are offered various times throughout the year.

Sometimes in this life things may feel out of control where the need to take a step back and reevaluate is present. Together in a one on one setting we can look at the big picture providing support wherever needed. Life organization support is available whether it is internal or needed in your external life including your home, family and/or schedule. Feeling prepared and organized is a great first step to balance.

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