Contemplate for a moment about what life would be like without limitations. Is it even possible to think about this option? From the time we come out of our mother’s womb we are socialized to the worldly view of limitations. We are surrounded by limitations, most of all by the limitations that we have accepted in our heads which become our limiting belief patterns. For example, if you try that you would kill yourself or get hurt, there is not enough money to do this or that, you have to have all the work down before you can play, it is only hard work that pays off and the lists go on and on. Sprinkle in a little guilt and add some should of and have to comments to the vicious cycle of limitations. Take a moment to reflect on and listen to your inner tape which brings forth your personal limitations. Self reflection leads to a deeper self awareness which leads to change if you choose.
My daughter recently said to me, “Mom you need to live life without limitations.” It landed hard on my heart and really resonated with me at a very deep level. In that moment of self-reflection, I quickly realized that I have lived my whole life from the standpoint of limitations that I had been socialized to adopt as my personal truths or belief patterns. I found myself questioning many aspects of my life on so many levels. In that very moment, I could feel a shift happen inside of me….a new awareness was bubbling up from my heart.
In this new awareness, I learned that limitations are lined with FEAR. I once heard that fear stands for false evidence appearing real. Adopting that statement as truth may help with the shift that is required in thinking to break through the gripping chains of limitations. My truth is when I stand face to face with fear through limiting belief patterns my whole body is quivering and putting out the alarm systems….don’t do it and playing in the what if syndrome. It is hard to step into something when every fiber of my being is screaming NO! I would venture to guess that you may have a very similar experience.
I have decided to step into life, to challenge my limiting belief patterns, to try new experiences and to push myself past and out of my comfort zone. I have made a bucket list from the viewpoint of no limitations. I have done some things that I never thought I could or would do, (like go back to school at 50+and climb up the rocky bluffs at Devil’s Lake state park) but faced my fear and stepped in. Living life without limitations is so liberating. Would you like to try it? What would you put on your bucket list which is free from limitations?


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