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January WRHP Newsletter

Our January 2016 Newsletter is available!  This month's special feature is some family recipes from Mary Ann Marx, of True North Life Coaching.  Not only is Mary Ann an amazing life coach but she is a fantastic cook as well.  She is now launching Abbondanza! which combines both her love of coaching and cooking.  To find out more please check [...]

August Full Moon

Today is the full moon in Pisces which is believed to influence our emotions on a deep level.  Be gentle with yourself and be mindful of what triggers come up for you today.  Maybe this is an opportunity for emotional and spiritual growth through reflection.  Have you noticed any dramatic emotional triggers in the past couple of days?  Feel [...]

Today’s Thought: August 27th, 2015

Do you ever feel like you are missing in your own life? If the answer is yes, you probably are. We get so skilled in the doing in life that we forget about the being we are. We as humans go through the motions of life and the responsibilities we have but we often forget about who we are and [...]

Inner Gremlins and Their Supporters

Mary Ann Marx, BS, PLCC, ACC True North Life Coaching, LLC We all have gremlins – that inner voice that tells us what’s wrong with us, we’re not worthy, and that we’ll never be good enough among many, many other terrible things. But what happens when they have friends…in your world. Dealing with your own personal gremlins requires you to [...]

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What a Difference A Word Makes….

Today the power of choosing our words carefully is resonating on my heart as I continue on my personal journey of transformation. Just one word can make a difference in changing our lives toward becoming more meaningful and more powerful. Take for instance the popular childhood story The Little Train That Could who stated while going up the mountain. “I [...]

Today’s Thought: July 10th, 2015

  Take time to be mindful each day, to live in the present moment, to experience the beauty that you are surrounded by in this very minute. Look around you....take it all in with all of your senses. Living mindfully leads to a more engaged and fulfilled life.  Being truly alive and not just going through the motions of life [...]