What does it take to be courageous? To push one past your comfort zone? To decide to live life differently? To take a risk daily? For most of us the answer is to face our FEAR head on and decide that the perceived FEAR is no longer going to run our lives. The concept of perceived fear keeps many of our hopes and dreams locked away FOREVER. It is our egos’ way of keeping life status quo and do trust me, the ego wants absolutely no change, no growth or movement on any level at any point in our journey!

With knowing all of this it is time to personally fight my FEARS, to stand in my power and say to fear that it no longer has any power over me or my life. I choose to draw a big large breath in and start the battle. I am courageous, facing my fears and doing it anyway! Every dream that has ever come true for me has required a large dose of courage. Today, I have summed up all the courage I can muster, have asked for support in taking on some big changes and have pushed through many FEARS to create a powerful new way of being. Stay tuned I promise to share more as I take some action steps.

Now my question to you is, what fears do you need to face? What courage can you muster to push through what is coming up for you? Decide to push on, take the risk and create the life that has been waiting for you on the other side of the fears that have been keeping you prisoner. I would love to hear how you plan to change your life with the courage that awaits within you!
Cella Hartline-Enlightened Way: New Day