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Being Courageous

What does it take to be courageous? To push one past your comfort zone? To decide to live life differently? To take a risk daily? For most of us the answer is to face our FEAR head on and decide that the perceived FEAR is no longer going to run our lives. The concept of [...]

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What a Difference A Word Makes….

Today the power of choosing our words carefully is resonating on my heart as I continue on my personal journey of transformation. Just one word can make a difference in changing our lives toward becoming more meaningful and more powerful. Take for instance the popular childhood story The Little Train That Could who stated while [...]

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Today’s Thought: May 24, 2015

Unfolding  of ourselves.  Deep and honest even humbling self-reflection is where our greatest learning comes from. The willingness to be raw and vulnerable is the key to personal self-awareness and it is in this place of total honesty with ourselves that growth and change can come. It is only when we are in movement that [...]

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