Wisconsin River Holistic Professionals is a collaboration of holistic service providers that help others heal, experience joy and achieve authenticity in their lives.

Wisconsin River Holistic Professionals (WRHP) members include Cella Janisch-Hartline, Mary Ann Marx, and Jamie Gibbs. WRHP provides an abundance of services that help others heal, experience joy and achieve authenticity in their lives. This group of women are dedicated to their mission and mutual purpose to offer a wide range of holistic services that address the needs of the whole person; mind, body & spirit.

Cella Janisch-Hartline offers Reiki through her business, Enlightened Way: New Day. “All energy is in movement, and when energy becomes stagnant within our bodies, we experience pain, lack of health which may eventually lead to disease processes, emotional or spiritual distress. Reiki, which is a Japanese healing tradition, utilizes the “universal life force” to bring energy within our being back into balance on all levels”. With over 30 years as a registered nurse, Cella has always been intrigued by the options of Eastern medicine. “I started to explore and study how the science of medicine can be complimented through energy work and that’s what Reiki is all about for me. It is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonizing the mind, emotions, and spirit, as well as the physical body promoting an overall sense of well-being through energy rebalancing.” Cella also practices “Transitional Care”. As she explained, “Transitional care helps those individuals experiencing their end of life journey by creating a sense of relaxation and peacefulness when the time is near to transition back to spirit”.  Cella also provides Life Coaching services and is the process of certification through the Professional Life Coaching Certification through the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Multiple classes are offered to enhance living life in addition to the Intuitive Development Classes that she co-facilitates with Jamie.

Mary Ann Marx, True North Coaching brings a coaching perspective to all the services she offers. After completing her Professional Life Coaching Certification at UW-Madison, she felt a pull to make a shift in her career and life purpose. “I’ve always been driven to live my purpose”. Her coaching studies and practice brought so much to that vision. “I began to witness first-hand the transformation that coaching brings. We’re all experts in our own lives, but coaching brings out things that may have been hidden or ignored. It’s an honor to watch individuals experience the power of personal transformation”. Mary Ann also works with local businesses conducting workplace relationship workshops targeted at improving working relationships. “Whether it’s personal or professional, relationships can be a challenge. This work is about helping individuals and groups improve their communication skills and grow in their personal and professional empowerment. It’s amazing how by just having those tough conversations, working relationships and employee engagement improve.” Mary Ann is also the creator of Game Plan Parenting, a six-part coaching parenting program that helps families work through important aspects of family life. “I wanted to create a program for parents where they could tailor it to their family’s own unique culture and style. I don’t believe there is a ‘one size fits all’ solution to parenting. It’s about sharing some great information, then allowing for greater insight and awareness on how that works within YOUR family.” Game Plan Parenting is offered as a one-on-one and an online course beginning, June 2017.

Jamie Gibbs, s.e.l.f. offers growth and support on all levels in various ways. After 2 1/2 years of classes, mentoring and seminars gaining the knowledge, experience, also tools to develop and teach classes along with support groups, Jamie felt something was missing. She decided to become certified as a Personal Trainer to provide knowledge of health on all levels –  “I was important to me be able to offer the “whole” picture. I feel there is great power in numbers”, which is the reason why Jamie finds it so important to be a collaborative partner with Wisconsin River Holistic Professionals, as well as collaborating with other local businesses. “Together we can offer the community the best of us all.” She is grateful for every opportunity to share s.e.l.f with others “As it brings me great joy to offer others support, guidance and love, I am also taught and inspired by each person that walks through our doors.”