Mary Ann Marx, BS, PLCC, PCC

In life’s journey we’re often uncertain where we stand, where we’re going, and what our right path really is. Knowing our True North enables us to follow the path that is right and meaningful to each of us.

As a Professional Life Coach, Mary Ann’s practice centers around helping people find their own True North by empowering individuals and groups to discover what’s getting in the way of creating a more meaningful, less stressful life. From a mindfulness perspective, she helps her clients discover how to maneuver successfully through relationships and to gain awareness of their gifts and ultimately reach the outer limits of their potential.

Mary Ann Marx has a BS in Human Services with a Social Work Concentration, earned her Professional Life Coach Certification from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). For more than 20 years, Mary Ann worked for Sauk Prairie Schools, Community Education, leading afterschool, at-risk, and parenting programs and was the Community Education Director for over 10 years.

Mary Ann is the creator or Game Plan Parenting a six-part parenting program aimed at empowering parents to design a “family playbook” that is unique to their own family structure, values and culture. She also has a diverse selection of workplace relationship workshops designed to improve employee engagement and enhance communication. See below for detailed descriptions of all her courses and coaching opportunities. For more information on online course options, go to: to sign up and to receive updates on the latest offerings & products!


True North Life Coaching

As a Professional Life Coach, it’s my job to walk with you as you discover what’s most important to you and then help you align your life in a way that creates greater meaning, balance, freedom and happiness. Coaching is not therapy or counseling – it is a collaborative relationship where I look to you to know what’s best for your life. Bottom line, this process is about finding out what’s best for YOU. Through a lens of mindfulness, deep listening, curiosity, powerful questions and honest communication, we’ll get to the bottom of what’s getting in the way of your goals and dreams. What you’ll come away with is the feeling of personal empowerment and the tools to take you through your continued life’s journey. Each session is approximately 60 minutes long.

In addition to Life Coaching, I offer 30-minute Guided Meditation/Mindfulness sessions to help you get in touch with the present and what is holds for you and your future.

I am available to meet either in person or by phone. My office is located at 560 Park Ave., Suite 101, Prairie du Sac. Wisconsin – located in the Prairie Fire Yoga & Wellness

I offer the first session at no charge. That way, you can see if Life Coaching or Guided Meditation/Mindfulnessis the right fit for you. Give me a call or email to set up your first session!

Communication is essential in any relationship and workplace relationships are no exception. High performing work teams benefit from high-trust working relationships that are grounded in mutually supportive and respectful work environments. The purpose of these workshops is to provide tools for employees to gain greater self-awareness, help identify their strengths (self-empowerment), adapt to change, and become more successful in their work and personal relationships.

Creating Powerful Goals for Personal & Professional Success
The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with the tools to create goals that are aligned with, and a reflection of your values and strengths as well as those of the organization. Through a framework of curiosity, clarity and actions steps, you will gain a greater understanding of what success looks like for yourself and the organization.

Building Personal Power by Discovering my Best Self
The purpose of this workshop is to discover what’s getting in the way of personal and professional success. As we shift from old beliefs and stories to a perspective of wholeness, we’ll begin to discover our own sense of empowerment and resiliency.

Doing What I do Best…and Then Some!
When we’re at our best, we do our best. But in order to get there, it takes getting to know who we are and how we are in relationships with our friends, family, and co-workers. We’ll touch on the basic concepts of Emotional Intelligence to create powerful self-awareness along with a greater understanding of “interdependence” and the benefits of working together.

Developing Personal Influence
Learn how strengthening your personal influence skills will lead to self-empowerment, and the ability to see solutions instead of problems. Recognizing what’s getting in the way of our own success is the first step, then we’ll learn how to take a more proactive approach to self-responsibility and taking initiative.

Crucial Conversations – Part 1
What would your career path look like if you learned to master the art of Crucial Conversations? Utilizing the wisdom from the book, Crucial Conversations, we will begin to look at what it takes to create an environment where all voices are heard and valued. Learn how the power of dialogue and self-management can improve your crucial conversations.

Crucial Conversations – Part 2
Picking up where we left of in Part 1, we will continue to make our way to mastering crucial conversations by discovering how to make it safe to talk about almost anything and discovering the path to mutual purpose and mutual respect. We’ll learn how to create powerful dialogue and open up opportunities to present your point of view, so it can be heard.

Enhance Your Communication Skills & Improve Your Relationships
Gain insight into how you communicate and what gets in the way of good communication. Learn how to build even greater personal and professional relationships that offer a work environment where everyone shares accountability, curiosity, no fear and honesty.

Building Employee Engagement
This workshop utilizes the RESPECT Model for increasing employee engagement. In addition, we will explore what it means to define the culture and values of the organization as well as the individuals working within the organization. By increasing engagement, employees will be inspired and motivated to live their purpose as well as the purpose of the organization.

Work/Life Balance & Self-Care
Self-care is not selfish, but necessary to live a full life. If you don’t take steps to recharge yourself, you burn out. Work/life balance is just as the word indicates; equal amounts of time or at least a balance of time given to each area, be it work or other activities in our life. Creating a work/life balance is certainly a desired state for most people but many times it may appear the ideal or unachievable. It is, however, essential if we are to get the most out of our lives. This workshop will help you learn how to take care of yourself and bring balance into your life.

Celebrating Successes
Employee recognition has been proven to be one of THE most effective ways to engage employees and grow loyal and dedicated staff. We’ll talk about the important role of the manager in creating effective recognition practices and encourage staff to acknowledge and celebrate their own successes as well as those of their co-workers.

Workshops can be developed and adapted based on the needs of the organization. For more information on new & upcoming online course offerings& products, go

Parenting can be one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. There are lots of outstanding programs that teach valuable parenting methods, but what would it be like if you could design your own parenting “playbook” based on your family’s values and goals? Game Plan Parenting is all about supporting and empowering parents in establishing a family structure based on their own unique values, personalities and ways of communicating. We’ll touch on current child development and parenting theory, and through a coaching framework, you will be able to utilize this knowledge to create your own unique family playbook. What you’ll come away with is the tools, support and structure you need to navigate through every phase of parenting. This course is for new, expecting and experienced parents.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Module 1 – What’s Your Parenting Style?
We’ll begin by discovering what the current research says about parenting styles and what that means for children and their cognitive & emotional development. We’ll also gain a better understanding of what every child needs to develop into a well-adjusted, happy adult. With that deeper awareness, parents can apply it to their own family, considering each unique personality and within their own family culture.

Module 2 – Family Values
When teaching values, it’s important to remember that as parents, we have a colossal responsibility to teach our children values AND to help them become independent thinkers, effective problem solvers, and valuable members of society. Developing a foundation of family values also gives kids a sense of safety and structure. By clearly communicating our values, children understand what is expected of them and develop a greater sense of autonomy.

Module 3 – Communication
Communication is a two-way street. Even between adults, this can be tricky terrain to maneuver through. For kids, communication that is simple, honest, and delivered with a caring heart is by far the most effective. When children learn at an early age how to communicate effectively, they have a greater emotional intelligence and the ability to adapt and adjust to whatever comes their way.

Module 4 – Getting Through The Tough Times
Inevitably, there will be times when all your very best intentions and stellar parenting skills will leave you feeling like you’ve failed in a great, big way. It’s at these times when families begin to unravel or grow stronger. We’ll discover how, by working through the tough stuff, you can come out even stronger.

Module 5 – Simplify & Unify
We all want the very best for our kids. But what if that’s become just too much? The key to better family unity may be more about simplification. It’s about stepping back and taking a great big look as what is “over-complicating” our lives and the lives of our kids. We’ll learn how simplification, balance, and developing a rhythm can take the stress out of your family’s life.

Module 6 – Your Very Own Family Game Plan!
In this final module, we’ll “connect the dots” and pull together all the tools you’ve gained from the previous five modules. This is where you get to acknowledge and celebrate your parenting journey. We’ll move forward in a positive and powerful way that will bring your family a future of joy, happy memories and appreciation of the “now”.

Parent Coaching Packages Available
When you participate in a group class or purchase the online course, you have an exclusive opportunity to purchase a parent coaching package at a discounted rate. You’ll receive (6) one-hour coaching sessions either in person or via phone with Professional Life Coach and Game Plan Parenting creator, Mary Ann Marx.

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